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How To Share PTCL 3G EVO/NITRO Without a Router!

OK, let`s come to the point ; you probably have wished to use your PTCL EVO simultaneously on multiple computers at your home or office. If you are wondering how to do it and curious about it then you have come to the right place.

One Easiest (But Expansive as well) way to share your EVO connection over wifi is to use 3G wifi router available  in the market for a price ranging from RS 6000~10000. These router are especially designed for PTCL 3G EVO USB that can be inserted in the router WAN (USB 2.0) port to share your connection. We are surely not going to discuss these router here, instead I will tell you another cheap way to do the same.

How to Share EVO 3G/NITRO without a router: (1st Method)
Now if you don`t want to spend money on router for sharing your EVO 3G connection then there is a also a cheap way to do the same.
All you need to do is to  buy a wireless USB/PCMCIA adapter that provides AP (Access Point) mode/functionality.
Here is how it works!

Labeled diagram showing the working of AP (Access Point) mode.

There are many wifi USB/PCMCIA adapter available in the market for a price range of RS 700~1200.
Here is the list for you of some adapters that support AP (Access Point) mode:

Recommended Wireless USB Adapters :

1. Tenda 150 Mbps Wireless N Nano USB Adapter W311M

Market Price Range = Rs 750~850
Click Here for Details about this product

Recommended for use with laptops due to its small design.


Market Price Range = Rs 850~950
Click Here for Details about this product

3. Planet WNL-U554

Click Here for details about this product
Market Price Range = Rs 800~1000.

Recommended for use with laptops due to  small design. 

Note: For more Wireless USB/PCMCIA adapter go HERE.

Now when you have a wireless USB/PCMCIA adapter you are ready for sharing. I will take "Tenda W311M" as an example from here on.

Now follow the step by step process to get it done.

1. Firstly, Decide from which of  your computer at home or office you want to share your EVO connection. Keep in mind this computer must always be ON and EVO USB must be plugged in it and connected to Internet in order to share your EVO connection with others. I will recommend you a Desktop PC for it, however you can do it from laptop as well. In other words this computer either laptop or desktop will function as a wireless router.

2.Insert a CD ROM provided in a box with wifi USB/PCMCIA adapter (you will need it for driver installation.)

3. Plug you newly bought Wireless USB adapter into the USB port of your computer. a found new hardware pop up/window will appear don`t do anything with it.

3 a. In case of PCMCIA adapter, first shutdown your computer and install a PCMCIA adapter in the available PCMCIA port of your system and then turn your system back ON. After the window is booted a found new hardware pop up/window will appear don`t do anything with it.

4. Execute the auto run through CD ROM to start the setup.

5. When prompted for installation type in a setup, choose Install Driver and Tenda Wireless LAN utility.

6.Wait for the installation to finish, window will detect your new hardware automatically and a ``your new hardware is installed and ready to use`` pop up will appear at system tray.

7.Now you `ll have the driver and Tenda Wireless LAN utility installed. 

8. Make sure your desktop/laptop LAN card is installed and LAN adapter (in disconnected state) is displaying in network connection.

9. Now plug in the EVO 3G/NITRO USB in a USB port of your computer and connect it to the Internet.

10.Then right click on Tenda Wireless LAN utility icon in the system tray (if its not there, then click on the desktop icon of it to execute it)

11. Then choose "Switch to AP mode" from the menu that appears.

12. A window will appear prompting you to choose a network connection for sharing. choose your evo connection namely "ZTE wireless terminal" if you have ZTE USB EVO. 

13. A window will appear saying Enabling ICS.. Please wait.... Wait for it to finish and then you will have Tenda wireless utility displayed as below.

14. You have successfully share your EVO but there is one step more that is to give an SSID (default will be Soft AP ......) and Wireless Security Key (Default is: No Security Key you will have to assign)  to your shared EVO connection.

15. Click the first icon in Tenda Wireless Utility and choose you wireless security key (WPA/PSK2) as you are familiar doing so in any router.

16.Click Next 2 Times and You`re all done. Enjoy sharing your EVO without a router.

Important To Note:

*Be aware while sharing your EVO connection to always protect it with a security key so that your connection cant be utilized by others which will result in slow speed and even consume your volume in case you are using prepaid connection.

*At point #10 and 11 when you`ll click at "Switch to AP mode" Windows firewall will alert you about blocking some feature of  Tenda Wireless Utility by displaying a message. You should unblock it by clicking unblock option else you won`t be able to share your EVO.

I will shortly upload pictures along with the method so that you can do it with ease. If any point you need help fell free to ask me by commenting below.


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