Saturday, November 17, 2012

Internet Connection Sharing (ICS)!!

In Microsoft Windows XP to Windows 7, there is a built in feature that is called ICS which stands for Internet Connection Sharing. It's a very useful feature of Microsoft windows that you can use to share your Internet connection with other computers and gadgets.

For example you have an Internet connection (say Cable Net/EVO/WI MAX/DSL) in your home for your desktop PC. you also own a smart-phone (Android,IPhone or Black Barry) that is wifi enabled. So if you want to share your Internet connection with your smart phone over a wifi than its all as easy as 123 thanks to this nice ICS feature of Microsoft Windows operating System. You don't need to be a IT professional to use the ICS feature but all you need to know is the method and procedure involved in doing that. In addition, you can also share this Internet connection  with other computer either laptop or desktop in your home using the same feature i.e ICS.

In this blog, My primary focus; as the name of this blog implies, is on PTCL 3G EVO/NITRO Internet connection sharing. There are many ways for sharing EVO/Nitro connection but I will give you the easiest and inexpensive as well method for doing so.

So stay tuned and let me know if you want any help.

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  1. Plz tell us the procedure of Sharing PTCL EVO USB through PC to Laptop.

    I want to share between PC to Laptop because I have a PC and My brother has a Laptop.

    PC has no wifi ,but the Laptop has.
    Tell me the proper way of connecting between them without any router.

  2. The procedure is described in detail in the "Can I share my evo without a router" go through the page and follow the procedure. If you stuck, fell free to ask me.

    in your case as you say PC has no wifi and you wanna share your evo from PC (I assume you mean Desktop)then you will have to buy a wireless adapter to be able to share your EVO connection for your laptop


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